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EUSR Deep Excavation

deep excavation trainingWhat is a Deep Excavation Course?
Our EUSR deep excavation course covers the fundamentals and advanced features of trench support. Our main aim is to make the course as realistic as possible. From learning in the classroom about the hazards and regulations behind deep excavations, to constructing deep excavation support in our safe yet realistic learning environment.
Who is the EUSR Deep Excavation training course aimed at?
The course is designed for individuals involved in the utility industry who are required to operate safely, construct support systems and supervise operatives in deep excavations. Individuals who undertake this course are expected to have some knowledge of excavations and the fundamentals but if you dont, do not worry all of these are covered in the centre.
How long is the course?
The full course is covered in "three days" at our Barnsley centre in South Yorkshire. For larger groups we can carry out the course at your premises. Alternatively reassessment can take place on your site.

To book the course please call 01226 297586 or email