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GMM Training & Development Limited is a leading training provider to both the construction and utility industry, with over 40 years of combined experience.

GMM Training & Development Limited was incorporated in its current format in 2014, with more than fourty years combined experience delivering training and development across a variety of industries. The main training centre at Barnsley, South Yorkshire offers a full range of bespoke training solutions, onsite training can be provided if required.

We offer a wide range of solutions for both utility & construction industries and can support both an individual's and a corporation's training & development needs, both now and to meet future regulatory demands in an ever changing economoy.

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Bespoke Training Solutions

We provide bespoke solutions, that are tailored to your needs. This way we provide a cost effective solution that exceeds both expectations and timeframes.

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide the UK workforce with accredited bespoke training and development solutions that are suitable for individuals at all levels of the corporate structure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a fully qualified, competent workforce for the UK's construction and utility industries, by providing real qualifications with "real hands on" experience.


Bespoke Training Solutions

Our training solutions meet the requirements for all levels of the corporate structure.

Training for Operations Staff

We offer all required and optional training courses for staff involved directly in the operations of utility and construction contracts. This starts with a EUSR SHEA Passport to Work so employees are compliant while on site, right up to City & Guilds NCO 2 - Mains Laying (which is a service we will be adding to our portfolio shortly) so they can carry out mains work, and everything else inbetween.

Training for Corporate Staff

Unlike other training and development organisations we also include training for corporate staff, who are involved in the management of projects and the organisation as a whole. Our services will include business, change and risk management, among other training courses.


Need professional advice?

Below is a small selection of the advice that can be provided.

  • Operations - advice can include customer care, careers path, future career prospects and suitable qualifications to help you achieve your individual career goals.

  • Business - advice can include business, customer care and project management.

  • Corporate - advice can include change and risk management.
  • Our skills

  • Utility Training
  • Customer Care Training
  • Business Management
  • Fast Track Streetworks
  • Risk Reduction Training
  • Career Development
  • testimonials

    I hired GMM to train 5 apprentices for their EUSR SHEA Gas Passport to Work. I was highly impressed with their professionalism, timeframes and the other services they could provide me (personally) and my company.

    Jake Hanson

    My organisation was going through an expansion phase. I found GMM who could provide me with change management training, which I have used to take my organisation forward.

    Joe Cross